DEVED17 – Team System Adoption Best Practices

I have been working with Visual Studio Team System since the public Beta came out so the possibility of customizing, reconfiguring and extending Team System was not new for me. Unfortunately I am slightly disappointed with the content of this White Board Discussion since I have been looking forward to hearing how others are implementing Team System, I was expecting more information and tips on actually getting management buy-in and best practices for process adoption. […] Read more »

ARC201 – Patterns and Anti-Patterns for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    I can only say wow! Ron Jacobs is a brilliant speaker, entertaining and very informed, an expert to say the least. A couple of his insights into SOA and what he thinks works and doesn’t work for SOA were real eye openers for me. Not because I didn’t understand the principles behind SOA or the problems with implementing SOA but because I do understand SOA and I realise it isn’t just about choosing […] Read more »

Windows SharePoint Services v3

WSS3 seems like a great upgrade from version 2. The whole programming model is becoming more in line with other programming models that Microsoft have. You can create custom event handlers for WSS3 relatively easily linking directly to the SP API to create new lists or manipulate existing data, customing metadata and list behavior seems really simple too. One addition that I haven’t seen demoed but that is possible now is creating WebParts and custom […] Read more »

First day at TechEd

My first day at TechEd is over, it actually feels like two days now that I think about it which is kinda weird. I managed to sneak into the Super Early Bird priority seating for the Keynote, well I really didn’t do much sneaking I just walked over and sat down but still… I am always amazed by the way Microsoft tries to sell their products to developers who are already convinced that Microsoft is […] Read more »

TechEd 2006

Arrived in Barcelona today for Tech Ed 2006, I am going to try to write down some of my experiences here over the next couple of days. On the flight down I realized that Tech Ed is so much more that what I have realized. There are the normal technical sessions, sponsor exhibition (probably full of all sorts of freebies and trials), an XBOX360 corner (I hope), donut buffet (confirmed) but there are also 20 […] Read more »