Is EDA the way to go?

I have been reading a lot about Event Driven Architecture (EDA) in relation to SOA recently and while the ideas are very interesting and the benefits are alluring it adds an additional complexity and uncertainty to the overall behaviour. Two good articles on EDA are and From my view the main problem is that when implementing a business process that spans several services (for example entity services) we do not generally want the […] Read more »

Jim Webber: “Business people are spaghettiheads!”

This is a guest post by Herbjörn Wilhelmsen @ Objectware After working for years with business people and SOA Jim Webber has come around to thinking that fighting against real world complexity is neither successful nor valuable. Dr Jim “World Wide” Webber – an author as well as global architecture lead for Thoughtworks – gave an interview last month after finishing his “Guerilla SOA” presentation at the Developer Summit 2008 conference in Stockholm. Watch the interview […] Read more »

Norwegian SOA weekend

I spent last weekend with a bunch of my Norwegian colleagues at Objectware listening to their experiences implementing SOA and looking over the material that they have produced. It’s great to hear some really pragmatic and developer-oriented ideas about how we can implement SOA. In contrast to many of the theories and ideas that I have been reading up on in my current project, Objectware’s patterns and theories support the developers as well as the […] Read more »

ARC201 – Patterns and Anti-Patterns for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    I can only say wow! Ron Jacobs is a brilliant speaker, entertaining and very informed, an expert to say the least. A couple of his insights into SOA and what he thinks works and doesn’t work for SOA were real eye openers for me. Not because I didn’t understand the principles behind SOA or the problems with implementing SOA but because I do understand SOA and I realise it isn’t just about choosing […] Read more »