Two minute timer feature update

The two minute timer that is available for download from the site has been featured and linked to from a couple of places around the internet. The technology it was built with is a few years old but still works in modern versions of Windows and is downloaded regularly by users around the world! I still use it myself for when I need to overcome some serious procrastination but more and more I am trying […] Read more »

Reflections on three days at Tech Ed

This is my third day at Tech Ed 2008 in Barcelona, the breadth of the technologies and languages that we as .Net developers now need to at least understand and preferably master to some degree is enormous. I believe that developers will need to specialize more explicitly on certain technology areas to remain productive in the future. It has been impossible to master all of Microsoft’s products for many years now but up until a […] Read more »

Remember to always have a static customErrors page

I was just surfing around on and got a yellow screen of death! I must say I was slightly surprised. In web projects that I have been involved in we have always added two customErrors pages one to handle generic errors which redirects to an errorpage.aspx page and then a static html page errorpage.html which is only used when an error occurs on the dynamic error page… A sample configuration using location follows: <configuration> […] Read more »

Play games to reduce stress

90% of primary care physician visits in the U.S. are stress-related, this is probably the same all over the world. The renowned stress expert (although I have never heard of her) Dr. Kathleen Hall recommends taking short mental breaks to play computer games as a good way to clear your brain and reduce stress. This confirms something that I have believed for a long time and that I have experienced first hand. At previous workplaces […] Read more »

What is Web 2.0.

Since I have been working on WinForm applications and technical infrastructure projects (yeah real sexy!) for the last year and a half I have not really paid much attention to the whole Web 2.0 debate and hype. Recently I have started to look at web projects again and I came across a good, short explanation of where the money is in Web 2.0 and how it is different from Web 1.0. Now I understand why […] Read more »

First day at TechEd

My first day at TechEd is over, it actually feels like two days now that I think about it which is kinda weird. I managed to sneak into the Super Early Bird priority seating for the Keynote, well I really didn’t do much sneaking I just walked over and sat down but still… I am always amazed by the way Microsoft tries to sell their products to developers who are already convinced that Microsoft is […] Read more »

TechEd 2006

Arrived in Barcelona today for Tech Ed 2006, I am going to try to write down some of my experiences here over the next couple of days. On the flight down I realized that Tech Ed is so much more that what I have realized. There are the normal technical sessions, sponsor exhibition (probably full of all sorts of freebies and trials), an XBOX360 corner (I hope), donut buffet (confirmed) but there are also 20 […] Read more »

Blog up again

After a year of inactivity and a move to a new server I have finally got around to setting up my dasBlog again. I hope that it won’t be another year till I write a new post! Read more »

My first entry!

Ok, I have been thinking about starting a blog for a couple of months now but haven’t got round to it until now. I have also been uncertain about how I will use it and what to post, I am still not sure but tonight I thought “Hey! Let’s give it a shot!”.   My aim is to blog about .NET related development issues primarily my views on current topics, code samples/fixes and links to sources that […] Read more »