Finished update to 2.0

It turns out that it really was very simple to upgrade to dasBlog 2.0 and ASP.Net 2.0. I did the ASP.Net upgrade first simply by changing which version of .Net to use. dasBlog 1.9 seemed to keep on working without a hitch which meant I could proceed with the upgrade process locally. I followed the instructions and uploaded all the files to my server… Unfortunately I had missed a section that I had changed in […] Read more »

Moving dasBlog to 2.0

I am preparing to upgrade my blog to 2.0. Thats both dasBlog 2.0 and .Net 2.0. It looks like this version should fix all of my previous issues with my setup, unless my host has done some weird .Net 2.0 medium trust setup, you never know… There is a guide on doing the upgrade install here. As far as I can see the process seems to be: Download & place all the files for you […] Read more »

Strange ASP.NET Web Parts database exception.

Recently I was working on ASP.Net 2.0 Web Parts in a Virtual PC environment and ran across a strange exception. I had read that the Web Parts personalization database is separate from the membership and profiles databases but had not really thought about it further. Previously everything just seemed to work once I ran “aspnet_regsql” to create the aspnetdb database to handle all the data for the services. In the VPC there was already a […] Read more »

First Microsoft Exam passed

Last year, just two days before Christmas I passed my first Microsoft Exam – 70-536 Application Development Foundation. Yay! It is the basic exam that is required to complete pretty much any of the certifications that I cmight consider taking… I believe my first target will be to take the ASP.Net 2.o MCTS certification. Read more »

Moving workitems between TFS servers

{filelink=2} I have tried different methods to move work items from one Team Foundation Server to another. The easiest method is doing it with Excel, but the problem is that I also want to keep all the work item history which Excel cannot do. I found that the Revision property of each work item contains an array of complete copies of the work item as it appears at each revision. So iterating over each revision […] Read more »

Talk on Migrating ASP.NET 1.x to ASP.NET 2.0 at DevDays 2006

A couple of days ago I did my first big talk, a colleague and I held a 50 minute session on migrating from ASP.NET 1.x to ASP.NET 2.0 at DevDays 2006 in Stockholm. Luckily it was a big success! I credit our success almost entirely (obviously we had some part in it…) to Scott Hanselman, we found many tips and links on the topic of public speaking on Scott’s blog. The most important tip and […] Read more »

Migrating Asp.Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 – DevDays 2006

I will be speaking at DevDays 2006 here in Sweden next week on the topic of migrating Asp.Net 1.1 applications to Asp.Net 2.0. It is an interesting topic especially when you really start looking under the covers at what has changed at a lower level. The whole session will be recorded and may be made publicly available at a later date. For anyone else who is interested in this topic these are some of the […] Read more »

Messing with dasBlog content folder

Basically avoid changing the xml files under content for dasBlog, you will mess up your blog. I did this in an attempt to make a post that I started on the 7th but posted on the 8th go back to being on the 7th… First I just changed the CreatedDate in the content xml and this almost worked, the post would intermittently disappear from the site (and the file). Luckily I had made a backup […] Read more »

Two Minute Timer Update

On lifehacker there is a reference to an article about beating procrastination, this is something that I have a problem with so I am going to try it out: Just start doing it but only do it for 10 minutes. After that decide if you want to continue or not. With this in mind I have released a new version of my timer with a 10 minute option… I have deployed this as a ClickOnce […] Read more »

GTD two minute timer

I have been trying to use David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) technique over the last few weeks to better manage my time at work and at home. I have used OneNote extensively and Microsoft’s FolderShare to synchronise notes between home and work. One of the things in GTD is to perform any action that needs to be done and can be completed in less than two minute immediately so as to not clutter up […] Read more »