Calculator in the URL

This may not be Web 2.0 but it is definitely proof that some people have too much time on their hands… http://$urlcalc(help) If you need to know what 212×17 is then go to http://$mul(212,17) up on your RFCs? http://$rfc(1725) Google must have used this site as inspiration for their search calculator:×17 Read more »

Similar Minds

I found a leader test at Similar Minds, since I quite like my result I’m posting it here. Who do you resemble? What Famous Leader Are You?personality tests by If I’d got this result then I wouldn’t have admitted it! Read more »

Do we understand each other?

Somasegar over at Microsoft posted a wonderful joke pointing out the differences between IT and business people – Hot Air Balloon story. Business people really have to learn to listen to IT before a decision is made and IT has to learn to understand business peoples vague problem definitions. On the other hand Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, was ranked as the 12th most influential management thinker alive for 2005 so maybe we techies […] Read more »