Remember to always have a static customErrors page

I was just surfing around on and got a yellow screen of death! I must say I was slightly surprised. In web projects that I have been involved in we have always added two customErrors pages one to handle generic errors which redirects to an errorpage.aspx page and then a static html page errorpage.html which is only used when an error occurs on the dynamic error page… A sample configuration using location follows: <configuration> […] Read more »

Duplicate User Accounts in Active Directory

We have just had a major Active Directory issue that has affected the Team Foundation Server instance that all the developers at the client that I am working at use. The problem occured when some users where erased in the Active Directory and were subsequently recreated with the same user names. These new user accounts cannot access the Team Foundation Server. A large part of the problem was solved by just removing users from TFS […] Read more »

Getting aggregator pings to work with medium trust

I seem to have managed to get server pings from dasBlog to work in medium trust! This has been a major issue for me previously, not as much of an issue now that I primarily use off-line tools but it is still great to have it. The key is that originUrl in the medium trust settings supports regular expressions! More info on Haacked, which is where I found the solution. Just to make things clear: […] Read more »

Strange ASP.NET Web Parts database exception.

Recently I was working on ASP.Net 2.0 Web Parts in a Virtual PC environment and ran across a strange exception. I had read that the Web Parts personalization database is separate from the membership and profiles databases but had not really thought about it further. Previously everything just seemed to work once I ran “aspnet_regsql” to create the aspnetdb database to handle all the data for the services. In the VPC there was already a […] Read more »

First shot at fixing dasBlog medium trust issues

So far I have managed to get my dasBlog up and running. But in doing so I have disabled and broken several features: No HttpCompression No date picker while editing No Pingback/trackback support It seems that I have also broken my FreeTextBox editing control. I believe that this may be an unrelated issue to the medium trust fixes and wont get into that in this post. How could I get the broken features back up […] Read more »

Running dasBlog as a partially trusted application

Since changeing web hosts I have not been able to get dasBlog running in the new environment. The host server is setup so that .Net code runs at medium trust level and won’t allow me to override the trust settings. As anyone who has tried to get dasBlog to run at medium trust knows, it just isn’t possible out of the box. To make life even more difficult Asp.Net returns an incomplete and ambiguous SecurityException: […] Read more »

.Net 2 – DataTable internal index is corrupted

There seems to be a problem in how empty DataSets handle new rows in .Net 2, we received an exception with the message “DataTable internal index is corrupted”. Our realy simple solution is to call BeginLoadData before adding the new row and then EndLoadData afterwards. This fixed the problem for us, but the actual status of the bug can be found here: Read more »

Get rid of logging errors in Enterprise Library

I have been experiencing a lot of weird problems when running the Data Block from a Web service on a Windows 2003 server. Googling around the web a bit revealed that I am not the only person experience these exact problems. My main problem has been with the following message: System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot open log for source 'Enterprise Library Data Service'. You may not have write access. I have tried all the proposed solutions with varying […] Read more »