Eazfuscator no longer free

Unfortunately I have just found out that my favorite (free) obfuscator and library packager Eazfuscator has stopped offering a free version. Not only that but the license for the paid version is $399 for the first year and then $149 per year after that for each developer. While I am sure that Oleksiy Gapotchenko and his team are going to make some money on this they are also alienating a large portion of their potential buyers […] Read more »

What is Web 2.0.

Since I have been working on WinForm applications and technical infrastructure projects (yeah real sexy!) for the last year and a half I have not really paid much attention to the whole Web 2.0 debate and hype. Recently I have started to look at web projects again and I came across a good, short explanation of where the money is in Web 2.0 and how it is different from Web 1.0. Now I understand why […] Read more »

Do we understand each other?

Somasegar over at Microsoft posted a wonderful joke pointing out the differences between IT and business people – Hot Air Balloon story. Business people really have to learn to listen to IT before a decision is made and IT has to learn to understand business peoples vague problem definitions. On the other hand Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, was ranked as the 12th most influential management thinker alive for 2005 so maybe we techies […] Read more »

TechEd 2006

Arrived in Barcelona today for Tech Ed 2006, I am going to try to write down some of my experiences here over the next couple of days. On the flight down I realized that Tech Ed is so much more that what I have realized. There are the normal technical sessions, sponsor exhibition (probably full of all sorts of freebies and trials), an XBOX360 corner (I hope), donut buffet (confirmed) but there are also 20 […] Read more »