I’m back, hopefully!

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote anything on my blog, many things have happened since then. I have had 6 months parental leave with my daughter and been a stay-at-home dad. A very different experience, to put it mildly, compared to working as a consultant full-time! Just days before I went back to work after that I quit my job! I have now been working almost 6 weeks at Objectware in Stockholm, […] Read more »

Free off-line blogging tool reviews

I listed a set of features that I think I require for using off-line or desktop blogging tools. Here is my first round-up of test results, if nothing else is noted then these tools are Windows based. This first round will be focusing on free tools and if I can’t find what I am looking for then I will start checking the commercial tools. I’ll summarise at the top so you don’t have to read […] Read more »

Offline blogging tools – my feature list

I have realised that it is very difficult for me to write blog entries entirely on-line. Apart from my FreeTextBox problem (it won’t load) which forces me to enter HTML by hand, I usually don’t finish a post in one sitting so I need to save my unfinished work somewhere. Putting it up on the blog and not publishing it is obviously an option but the web interface is not optimal for working on multiple […] Read more »

First shot at fixing dasBlog medium trust issues

So far I have managed to get my dasBlog up and running. But in doing so I have disabled and broken several features: No HttpCompression No date picker while editing No Pingback/trackback support It seems that I have also broken my FreeTextBox editing control. I believe that this may be an unrelated issue to the medium trust fixes and wont get into that in this post. How could I get the broken features back up […] Read more »

Blog up again

After a year of inactivity and a move to a new server I have finally got around to setting up my dasBlog again. I hope that it won’t be another year till I write a new post! Read more »