WP7 Emulator No Go on Windows 8 inside Parallels 8

After a bunch of work trying to get the WP8 emulator running, and failing miserably, I set to work on trying to get a Windows 8 Parallels 8 environment set up for working with Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Phone 7.5. After hours of installing Visual Studio 2010, Service Packs, Microsoft Games for Windows (required by the SDK on Windows 8?!), WP SDK 7.1  and the WP SDK 7.1.1 update I was finally ready to test it out. Unfortunately the emulator got stuck at “Doing a complete OS boot” screen (I guess a black-screen-of-death) for hours and I gave up waiting.

So no happy times developing with my MacBook Pro using Parallels 8 on Windows 8 for either Windows Phone 8 or even Windows Phone 7.5.

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