Js updates all-around!

As I have written previously I am involved in some really JavaScript heavy development target at “native” mobile apps done using Phonegap. The last month or so has brought a lot of framework updates which are interesting.

First of all JqueryMobile 1.0.1 has been released and the upcoming (February?) 1.1 release is said to bring true fixed header/footer toolbars and scrolling. We’ll see…

Steve Sanders has released knockoutJS 2.0 – this is actually the 1.3 release which has been renamed to 2.0 so if you have already used the 1.3beta then 2.0 is the finished product. One of the big things for me in 2.0 is the inclusion of a KnockoutJs native templating engine and good support for custom template engines. Jim Cowart (Ifandelse) has managed to get a pretty fancy external template engine setup which uses the KnockoutJS native template rendering but uses external template files.

There’s a new player on the block: AppMobi. They have been around for a while but now they are open sourcing everything pretty much and have released jqmobi as (yet another) mobile competitor to JQuery and jqmobi.ui, it’s still in beta but some of the UI widgets that AppMobi have created look pretty nice.


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