Amazing wordpress cache

I have installed and setup W3 Total Cache and the performance increase is amazing. My site which, on a bad day, used to load pages in 5 to 7 seconds now loads them in closer to 1.5 seconds! The end result far surpases my expectations and thats without all the bells and whistles that W3 Total Cache supports in the form of CDN and advanced cache servers. I will admit that it was not as […] Read more »

Missing code churn in TFS Build reports

Cranes In The Sky.

Over the last few months I have seen that some of the automated builds that we have setup aren’t producing code churn data in reports. The issue hasn’t been a high priority and I have searched online to try and find a quick fix but couldn’t find anything that related to our issues… No errors were being reported and when I actually looked into the Team Foundation Server warehouse database tables the BuildChangesetSK table didn’t […] Read more »

ASP.NET DropDownList always fires SelectedIndexChanged

After a couple of days trying to get to grips with a misbehaving custom compositecontrol I finally located the issue to a feature/bug in the framework implementation of DropDownList and ListControls in general. There is an issue logged on Microsoft Connect but it has been closed as “by-design”. I don’t think that this behavior really is by-design but there are two contradicting features interacting with each other leaving Microsoft with no other choice but to […] Read more »

Break-down of javascript mobile frameworks for phonegap development

I am experimenting with PhoneGap for a couple of projects that I am currently working on. PhoneGap is a native mobile app packager which basically converts a html5/js based site into an app that will run on mobile phones and can be distributed via app store/market. Since PhoneGap merely leverages existing support for html5 and javscript in the mobile phone you have pretty much the same issues as when developing a regular mobile enabled web […] Read more »

Don’t Base64 encode things that users should enter

Base64 encoding is great for converting binary data into a string representation which can be transported over text based protocols like soap or json. Unfortunately Base64 uses a character set which is difficult for humans to interpret so for any data that needs to be human interpretable, like binary representations added to urls, base64 can be a real problem. Douglas Crockford solved this issue years ago with his special Base32 encoding scheme which uses a […] Read more »

Passed MCPD ASP.NET exam

I have finally passed the MCPD for ASP.NET 3.5 Web developer exam. When I took my first exam back in 2006 my goal was to try and eventually become MCPD – enterprise developer. But I just never took the time to study and take exams, I moved away from working in 2.0 to start with 3.5 and the 2.0 exams became less and less attractive so I realigned my sights on the 3.5 enterprise certification. […] Read more »

Passed 70-562 MCTS ASP.NET 3.5

pencil and eraser on paper by shawncampbell, on Flickr

Last week while i was at the MCT Summit in Stockholm attending Train the Trainer I also sat down to do exam 70-562 and passed! As usual I used transcender to study and obviously I have worked with ASP.Net technology since it was released, which kinda helps! Read more »

Going to MCT summit 2011 in stockholm

Recently at an afterwork event at addskills i received a tip about the 2011 mct summit in Stockholm. This event is not restricted to current MCTs, anyone interested in microsoft technologies and training is welcome to attend. So i have registred for the “Train the Trainer track” (TTT) which will allow me to become an MCT (that is if I can pass the final exam) which i have been considering for years. Wish me luck! Read more »