Why NSilverBullet?

I have been meaning to write a post on why I chose the name NSilverBullet and the subtitle “Complex solutions for simple problems.” ever since I created this blog back in 2005. I have just never got round to it. After getting a couple of questions from my co-workers at Objectware I felt that I really should try to write something about it.

The name NSilverBullet was taken from a forum post on O/R mapping frameworks that I read where someone had written that O/R mapping wouldn’t solve every problem that we as developers run into and that it would be great if someone could develop something for .Net developers that would. Their ironic proposal was that a silver bullet framework for .Net should be developed – NSilverBullet. As most .Net developers know open source frameworks and tools for .Net are often prefixed with N to distinguish them from their Java counterparts: NUnit, NHibernate and so on. I found the idea rather fun and had it rolling around in my mind for a couple of months before I did anything about it. When I decided to try my hand at blogging the title nSilverBullet was geeky enough for me to find amusing and at the same time I felt it captured the topic of what I was planning to write about – problems that I or others have run into while developing .Net solutions and how to solve them.

The subtitle is obviously based on all developers aspirations to find really simple (and elegant) solutions to complex problems. Often times we find ourselves in situations were something that ought to be simple and easy turns out to need an overly complex solution – complex solutions for simple problems!

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