Moving dasBlog to 2.0

I am preparing to upgrade my blog to 2.0. Thats both dasBlog 2.0 and .Net 2.0.

It looks like this version should fix all of my previous issues with my setup, unless my host has done some weird .Net 2.0 medium trust setup, you never know… There is a guide on doing the upgrade install here. As far as I can see the process seems to be:

  • Download & place all the files for you new version of dasBlog locally
  • Download the content folder from your public site and place it in the local version of dasBlog
  • Run the upgrader tool locally
  • Merge changes in your current web.config and the new versions web.config
  • Merge changes in your current site.config and the new versions site.config
  • Upload all the local files overwriting existing files

Seems pretty simple. I also have to change the config of my host to use ASP.NET 2.0.

What could possibly go wrong… 😉

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