Messing about with dasBlog templates

I am thinking about doing a complete graphic do-over of this blog due to the home and item templates being pretty messed up after all my editing and experimenting with them over the last couple of years. While I was going over some of the macros that you can use I found a nice little page with most (if not all) of the dasBlog macros described including syntax, screenshots and which version they are available […] Read more »

Norwegian SOA weekend

I spent last weekend with a bunch of my Norwegian colleagues at Objectware listening to their experiences implementing SOA and looking over the material that they have produced. It’s great to hear some really pragmatic and developer-oriented ideas about how we can implement SOA. In contrast to many of the theories and ideas that I have been reading up on in my current project, Objectware’s patterns and theories support the developers as well as the […] Read more »

Testing Windows Live Writer

I have been trying out Windows Live Writer for a couple of posts just to get a feel for how it works. Since my change of jobs and using four different computers on a daily basis for a couple of months I haven’t got my IT workspace back in order again. Previously I was  using Zoundry for offline editing which I thought worked ok. Using Live Writer seems to be on par with Zoundry so […] Read more »

Getting aggregator pings to work with medium trust

I seem to have managed to get server pings from dasBlog to work in medium trust! This has been a major issue for me previously, not as much of an issue now that I primarily use off-line tools but it is still great to have it. The key is that originUrl in the medium trust settings supports regular expressions! More info on Haacked, which is where I found the solution. Just to make things clear: […] Read more »

Finished update to 2.0

It turns out that it really was very simple to upgrade to dasBlog 2.0 and ASP.Net 2.0. I did the ASP.Net upgrade first simply by changing which version of .Net to use. dasBlog 1.9 seemed to keep on working without a hitch which meant I could proceed with the upgrade process locally. I followed the instructions and uploaded all the files to my server… Unfortunately I had missed a section that I had changed in […] Read more »

Moving dasBlog to 2.0

I am preparing to upgrade my blog to 2.0. Thats both dasBlog 2.0 and .Net 2.0. It looks like this version should fix all of my previous issues with my setup, unless my host has done some weird .Net 2.0 medium trust setup, you never know… There is a guide on doing the upgrade install here. As far as I can see the process seems to be: Download & place all the files for you […] Read more »