Strange ASP.NET Web Parts database exception.

Recently I was working on ASP.Net 2.0 Web Parts in a Virtual PC environment and ran across a strange exception. I had read that the Web Parts personalization database is separate from the membership and profiles databases but had not really thought about it further. Previously everything just seemed to work once I ran “aspnet_regsql” to create the aspnetdb database to handle all the data for the services.
In the VPC there was already a really simple Web Part Page that I wanted to test. I had not prepared the VPC myself and others had been using it before me (so I presumed that it would work) but no one had used it in a long while. When I attempted to login and access the Web Part page I received this exception:

Procedure or Function 'aspnet_PersonalizationPerUser_GetPageSettings' expects parameter '@TimeZoneAdjustment', which was not supplied.

I checked the aspnetdb database to see if there was something wrong there but the stored procedure did not contain a ‘@TimeZoneAdjustment’ parameter… Some related forum discussions on the web indicated that it might be a problem with the solution and database being created under a pre-release version of .Net 2.0. I tried re-running aspnet_regsql to remove and recreate the aspnetdb database, I reinstalled .Net 2.0, I installed SP1 for .Net 2. Nothing helped.

It turns out that the default personalization provider for Web Parts uses a file based SQL Express database which is automatically created in the App_Data folder of the web application. This database had already been created using a previous version of the framework before I started looking at the solution. For the sake of confusion it is also named aspnetdb, removing this database from the App_Data folder solved the problem. When I logged in and opened the Web Part page the database was recreated with the correct structure and everything just worked!

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