Offline blogging tools – my feature list

I have realised that it is very difficult for me to write blog entries entirely on-line. Apart from my FreeTextBox problem (it won’t load) which forces me to enter HTML by hand, I usually don’t finish a post in one sitting so I need to save my unfinished work somewhere. Putting it up on the blog and not publishing it is obviously an option but the web interface is not optimal for working on multiple […] Read more »

Do we understand each other?

Somasegar over at Microsoft posted a wonderful joke pointing out the differences between IT and business people – Hot Air Balloon story. Business people really have to learn to listen to IT before a decision is made and IT has to learn to understand business peoples vague problem definitions. On the other hand Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, was ranked as the 12th most influential management thinker alive for 2005 so maybe we techies […] Read more »

Migrating Team Projects between Team Foundation Servers

I am looking at the steps necessary to move projects between two Team Foundation Servers where both servers have existing projects setup. The lack of information on how to do this on the Internet and forums indicates that this is not something that is easy to accomplish. We have selected the server which we have customized as the target machine and luckily the other server has a default installation of TFS on it so we […] Read more »

Agile modeling with UML 2 templates for Visio

I have been working on putting together the documentation for a project these last few days and I use Visio for all my diagrams. I don’t always create UML diagrams for my projects because they just take too much work. UML in Visio is difficult to use as pure documentation since you also need to create the underlying structures for it to work properly and there is some pretty extensive validation built in, although obviously […] Read more »

TeamPlain and how I would like it to integrate with Team Foundation Server

I got a question from one of my many readers 😉 wondering why I didn’t think that TeamPlain was right for me. Since this is a topic that I was planning on writing about I put together a list of my gripes! Unfortunately I haven’t had time to try out Teamprise yet which is a related technology, but if I ever get around to it I will definitely write about it here too. Don’t get […] Read more »

Upgrading Team Foundation Server to WSS 3

Unfortunately it will not be possible to upgrade Team Foundation Server to Windows SharePoint Services 3 when it is released, see Jason Bariles blog for more info. This feature will not be added in the upcoming Service Pack (SP1) either. So for the time being we will all just have to make do with WSS 2 features and add any additional functionality that we need through TFS extensibility and custom SharePoint features. :'( Read more »

First shot at fixing dasBlog medium trust issues

So far I have managed to get my dasBlog up and running. But in doing so I have disabled and broken several features: No HttpCompression No date picker while editing No Pingback/trackback support It seems that I have also broken my FreeTextBox editing control. I believe that this may be an unrelated issue to the medium trust fixes and wont get into that in this post. How could I get the broken features back up […] Read more »

Context free grammar

I am always on the look out for geeky, fun stuff on the Internet. SCIgen is a typically geeky implementation of advanced mathematics and its fun! SCIgen is a generator for random Computer Science research papers. Some papers have been submitted to real conferences and even been accepted which really is quite amazing! Now I am not a mathematician but I think that I have understood a little bit of what a context free grammar […] Read more »

DEVED17 – Team System Adoption Best Practices

I have been working with Visual Studio Team System since the public Beta came out so the possibility of customizing, reconfiguring and extending Team System was not new for me. Unfortunately I am slightly disappointed with the content of this White Board Discussion since I have been looking forward to hearing how others are implementing Team System, I was expecting more information and tips on actually getting management buy-in and best practices for process adoption. […] Read more »

ARC201 – Patterns and Anti-Patterns for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    I can only say wow! Ron Jacobs is a brilliant speaker, entertaining and very informed, an expert to say the least. A couple of his insights into SOA and what he thinks works and doesn’t work for SOA were real eye openers for me. Not because I didn’t understand the principles behind SOA or the problems with implementing SOA but because I do understand SOA and I realise it isn’t just about choosing […] Read more »