Two Minute Timer Update

On lifehacker there is a reference to an article about beating procrastination, this is something that I have a problem with so I am going to try it out: Just start doing it but only do it for 10 minutes. After that decide if you want to continue or not. With this in mind I have released a new version of my timer with a 10 minute option…

I have deployed this as a ClickOnce application now so you can get automatic updates if you want. The new version is 0.2.2

Customisable opacity.
Tray icon.
Start a 2 or 10 minute timer from a context menu.

System requirements:
Windows 2000, XP (probably 2003 Server also but not tested)
.Net 2 (the install should download .Net 2 if you don’t have it)

Planned features:
Customisable alarm behaviour (flash window, system sounds, audio files).
Custom count-down enter hour, minute, seconds.
Autostart up on login option

Download now


I found a couple of other Two Minute Timers:

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