Windows SharePoint Services v3

WSS3 seems like a great upgrade from version 2. The whole programming model is becoming more in line with other programming models that Microsoft have. You can create custom event handlers for WSS3 relatively easily linking directly to the SP API to create new lists or manipulate existing data, customing metadata and list behavior seems really simple too. One addition that I haven’t seen demoed but that is possible now is creating WebParts and custom features for a single site without having to deploy your assembly to the GAC.

The parts of WSS3 that I have seen so far look like they are going to make life a lot easier for anyone who wants to create non-trivial SharePoint solutions. In addition to what we can all  there are a whole bunch of extra functionality already included with WSS3 like Blog and Wiki templates, which actually look like they could work. Although I think that the contrived examples that I saw Chris Bryant and Todd Bleeker demo could potentially put people off Wikis and Blogs altogether, anyone who has used these technologies in other situations will immediately see the potential in integrating this into SharePoint. Many of the customizations that I have been discussing with my colleagues for us to implement in our Team Foundation Server WSS would be a lot easier to implement with WSS3, unfortunately I have not seen an upgrade path from WSS2 to WSS3 for Team Foundation Server yet.

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