First day at TechEd

My first day at TechEd is over, it actually feels like two days now that I think about it which is kinda weird.

I managed to sneak into the Super Early Bird priority seating for the Keynote, well I really didn’t do much sneaking I just walked over and sat down but still… I am always amazed by the way Microsoft tries to sell their products to developers who are already convinced that Microsoft is the way to go. There was a lot of Vista and Sharepoint 2007 in the Keynote, nothing bad in that but the way the tools were demoed is just silly.

Speaker – “Look how easy it is to create a People-Near-Me function in a Windows Presentation Foundation application!” Click, Click, typing (inserts a 200 line snippet)

Speaker – “Now I just start my application again and all the functionality is embedded in my application, all we needed to do was enable the functionality.”

Of course you only have to insert and enable functionality that you have a prewritten snippet for! I’m guessing it’s a completely different story if you need to write all the code from scratch… I doubt that there is a 500 line InsertCustomBusinessLogic snippet included with Sharepoint 2007 or .Net 3.

Other than that I have enjoyed my first day, I especially enjoyed the last session with Todd Bleeker on Custom Sharepoint sites and features. Although the pace he went through the material at pretty much knocked me out but thats the way it’s supposed to be at TechEd. I can read sales presentations at home, while I am here I wan’t to see hardcore developer action!

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