.Net 2 – DataTable internal index is corrupted

There seems to be a problem in how empty DataSets handle new rows in .Net 2, we received an exception with the message “DataTable internal index is corrupted”. Our realy simple solution is to call BeginLoadData before adding the new row and then EndLoadData afterwards. This fixed the problem for us, but the actual status of the bug can be found here: http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/productfeedback/viewfeedback.aspx?feedbackid=ecc665a5-d71a-4e08-ac42-f3c6c5d758e0 Read more »

Get rid of logging errors in Enterprise Library

I have been experiencing a lot of weird problems when running the Data Block from a Web service on a Windows 2003 server. Googling around the web a bit revealed that I am not the only person experience these exact problems. My main problem has been with the following message: System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot open log for source 'Enterprise Library Data Service'. You may not have write access. I have tried all the proposed solutions with varying […] Read more »

My first entry!

Ok, I have been thinking about starting a blog for a couple of months now but haven’t got round to it until now. I have also been uncertain about how I will use it and what to post, I am still not sure but tonight I thought “Hey! Let’s give it a shot!”.   My aim is to blog about .NET related development issues primarily my views on current topics, code samples/fixes and links to sources that […] Read more »